Monday, January 17, 2011

K-Cup Recycling Idea

I got a Keurig coffee machine for Christmas and I LOVE it. It makes a perfect cup of coffee every time. I am concerned about the disposable K-cups though; That's a lot of packaging for a cup of coffee. Admittedly getting a cup of coffee from McDonalds or Tim Horton's has larger amount of waste (i.e. the cup and lid) but it is recyclable and Tim Horton's also encourages use of their reusable travel-mugs.

Brewer and K-cups

There are some people setting up ways to reuse the disposable K-cups (for real, google it) which totally defeats the purpose of the sealed packaging that prevents "oxygen, light and moisture from degrading the coffee". Besides the point that my machine came with a reusable k-cup shaped coffee filter that fits in just like the cups and can be filled with whatever I want.

Keurig has started to put recycling markings on the plastic part of the k-cups which is great. So my idea is to devise a system that shears off the top of the cup, allowing you to dump the used grinds into the compost or green-bin and chuck the cup in the blue-bin. Maybe Keurig will develop peel off top system for recycling so the 'shearing' is not needed.

Keurig is addressing the concerns and has put up the following site which is very informative.

Stay Hoopy,
- Matt

P.S. I love my Keurig and Coffee. Coffee!

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